Why do young children develop respiratory complications so easily?


Respiratory infections can occur at any time but are more prevalent in the winter and spring or with drastic weather changes.  An adult may just experience a severe dose of flu whereas as a young child may easily develop more serious respiratory symptoms which require immediate medical attention.  The reason for this is that a young child’s airways are not as well developed as those of an adult.

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Sleep, pain and exercise

Sleep is an essential biological phenomenon, and sleep deprivation causes various physiologic and behavioral changes in the body. It has been shown that total sleep deprivation (Shuch-Hofer et al., 2013) or sleep deprivation of a specific stage of sleep (Roehrs et a., 2006; Azevedo et al., 2011) cause hyperalgesia (exaggerated sensitivity to pain). In addition, people who sleep less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours seem to have increased frequency of self-reported pain (Edwards et al., 2008). The sleep-wake cycle and the pain modulation system share regulating neurobiological systems (Foo and Mason, 2003), which may help to explain the relationship between sleep and pain. Continue reading

I am a doctor of physical therapy

mike-twohy-my-physical-therapist-says-this-is-the-worst-possible-position-you-can-li-new-yorker-cartoonBefore we get started, take a second to watch this clip on “cutting edge physical therapy techniques” during a Dr. Oz Show (Dr Oz Cutting Edge Physical Therapy).   Kind of surprised they didn’t have the electrode shock device that builds 6-pack abs while sitting on the couch, or the vibrating belt machine that giggles away your fat. My initial reaction, eye roll.  My secondary reaction, concern.  Third, frustration.  Fourth, responsibility.  Let me explain this rollercoaster of emotion in a bit more detail… Continue reading

Seven major roles for South African physiotherapists at the Singapore WCPT Congress – Hands On Magazine June 2014


Did you know that South African physiotherapists are playing a major role at the upcoming World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress 2015, to be held in Singapore 1-4 May?

Dr Aimee Stewart, who retired last year from the University of the Witwatersrand, has been appointed Chair of WCPT’s International Scientific Committee, which has responsibility for putting together the programme for the WCPT Congress. Wow! A very distinguished South African scientist has the job of pulling the whole scientific programme together – when you consider the possible candidates from places like Canada, the UK and Australia, that is HUGE news. Continue reading

Whiplash injuries

What is whiplash?

Whiplash, or whiplash associated disorders are a group of symptoms that occur when a sudden, unexpected force moves through your spine as a result of rapid acceleration or deceleration.
What causes whiplash?
The most common cause of whiplash is a motor vehicle accident but it may also result from occupational and sporting incidences. In the case of a motor vehicle accident, it occurs most commonly when a vehicle is hit from behind by another vehicle, but injury can happen with an impact from any direction. When hit from behind, the energy of the back vehicle is passed to the front vehicle and also to its passengers. The size and speed of the vehicles involved will determine the amount of energy that is transferred which in turn will have an impact on the risk and severity of a whiplash injury. Continue reading