Conditions treated

Our practices’ specific fields of interest include orthopaedic, sports injuries, cardiopulmonary (including intensive care) and neurology.  The following are some examples of conditions that we treat and rehabilitate in our fields of interest:


• Neck and back pain
• Headaches
• Shoulder injuries
• Knee and ankle injuries
• Postural problems
• Post fractures and dislocations
• Post- surgery e.g. arthroscopy, rotator cuff repair, spinal surgery and joint       replacements.


• Muscle tears and strains
• Tendon and ligament injuries e.g. Achilles tendinosis and ankle sprain
• Post- surgery e.g. anterior cruciate ligament and meniscal repairs
• Screening for injuries
• Strapping and taping.


  • Adult and paediatric respiratory conditions e.g. sinusitis, bronchitis,  asthma, bronchopneumonia and emphysema
  • Post-surgical respiratory infections
  • Intensive care
  • Maintenance or restoration of respiratory and musculoskeletal function after e.g. heart attacks, complex surgery, serious respiratory infections and major trauma.


  • Adult neurological conditions e.g. strokes and multiple sclerosis
  • Paediatric neurological conditions e.g. delayed milestones and cerebral palsy.